Swięta Lipka
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Święta Lipka – this famous Marian sanctuary Has been attracting pilgrims not only from Prussia and Warmia but also from far away regions of Poland Since the Middle Ages.

Święta Lipka – this is also historic monument of outstanding value listed as one of the most magnificent objects of late Baroque in Poland. The architectural complex consisting of a church, cloisters and a monastery has preserved rich and varied ornamentation in an almost unchanged state. The ornamentation consist of stone and wooden sculptures, wall and canvas paintings, goldsmiths’ and wood-carvers’ objects together with artistic blacksmith work and ironwork masterpieces in such abundance that can seldom be encountered anywhere. The picture is completed with the complex’s picturesque location at the bottom of valley surrounded by forests.
     Święta Lipka has recently become a holiday resort as well. The forests and lakes attract more and more tourists. The visitors to the complex have thought why such a magnificent church was not built in a big city in a small village and why it was not built on hill so that it could be noticed from far away but it was erected down in a valley among wooded hills resulting in a fact that one can get the first glance of it from a close distance of less than half a kilometer. It is even more surprising when people hear that it was built at totally deserted place with its foundations set partly on bogs and that the village developed at it much later. The choice of such an untypical place for a church can be explained only by its unusual history.


Holy Masses

May - September     on weekdays 7.00a.m., 9.5Oa.m.,12.00a.m., 6.00p.m.
on Sundays and holidays 7.00a.m., 9.00a.m., 11.00a.m., 2.00p.m., 5.00p.m.
October - Aprill     on weekdays 7.00a.m., 5.00p.m.
on Sundays 7.00a.m.,9.00a.m., 11.00a.m., 2.00p.m., 5.00p.m.    

Organ presentations

May - September     on weekdays 9.30a.m., 10.30a.m.,11.30a.m., 1.30p.m., 2.30p.m., 3.30p.m., 4.30p.m., 5.30p.m.
on Sundays and holidays 10.00a.m., 12.30p.m., 1.30p.m., 3.30p.m., 4.30p.m.
October      on weekdays 10.00a.m., 12.00a.m., 2.00p.m.
on Sundays and holidays 10.00a.m., 12.30p.m., 1.30p.m., 3.00p.m., 

Celebrations and indulgences

the last Sunday in May - the main indulgence of the Visitation of the BVM
11 th August - the anniversary of crowning the image of Our Lady of Swieta Lipka - The Mother of Christian Unity
14th August - The Day of the Sick
15th August - the indulgence of the Assumption of the BVM


The Pilgrim's House

 85 beds, breakfast, half board or fulI board for groups available.

 Bookings: tel. (089) 755 1481, fax (089) 755 35 59
 Address: Dom Pielgrzyma im. O. Antoniego Ząbka TJ
 Świeta Lipka 29,11-440 Reszel